Woman says her life should be a documentary after discovering ‘secret adoption’

Woman says her life should be a documentary after discovering ‘secret adoption’

What would you do if everything you thought you knew about your life turned out to be a lie?

This is the bizarre situation one woman claims to have found herself in and she’s garnered lots of attention on social media after sharing her story.

A TikTok user who posts under the name @ayeshadav responded to the prompt by @beckysouthworth which encourages people to “tell me you should have a documentary made about your life, without actually telling me”.

Ayesha stitches the video and reveals that when she was 18-years-old she discovered her “entire life was a lie” and that she was actually adopted – a secret her family had kept from her.

But it gets weirder…

She explained: “I don’t even have time to explain in 60 seconds, but I’m gonna try as this TikTok was made for me. Basically, when I was 18 I found out my entire life was a lie and I was adopted.

“My dad made my mum and sister hide it from me my entire life and I found out that my mum isn’t even the woman who adopted me, the woman who adopted me is my dad’s ex-wife, who was his cousin.

“When they split up she wanted contact with me but for some reason, my dad didn’t want her to, so we literally fled the country and moved to Malta to escape social services.”

She continued: “Considering my adoptive mum was my dad’s cousin, whenever I’ve tried to find her or get in contact with her recently, I can’t find her anywhere, no matter how many times I’ve asked my dad’s side of the family, which is weird considering she’s literal family.

“I also found out my dad lied about his entire childhood, his work, everything and when I asked for my birth certificate, he refused to give it to me, when I asked for my adoption file, he refused to give it to me and said they destroy adoption files after 18 years, which is not true.”

In a follow-up video, Ayesha explained that she had gotten in contact with a social worker and has since been able to take a look at her file.

From that she managed to track down her birth mother, who claims she doesn’t know who her birth father is – and there are three possible men’s names listed in her file.

She added that she still hasn’t been able to track down her adoptive mother.

People on TikTok were baffled by her story, with one person writing: “I thought my life was weird.”

Another said: “That was a rollercoaster.”

A third replied: “Did someone say Netflix documentary? I’m dying for you to sell your story to Netflix?”

Someone else added: “Girl that sounds so rough. I’m sorry that happened to you.”